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Martin Meyer-Gossner, Founder and designated CEOMartin Meyer-Gossner is a “transformationist”, mobile digital nomad and a serial founder of business opportunities.

Martin is a strong believer that every individual on earth has valuable skills, knowledge and nudge our world of sharing should make use of and profit from. His credo “Online is just a catalyst of the offline world!” leads him successfully on his way to found (i.e. The Strategy Web GmbH, an international management consulting company) and sell (i.e. silicon.de, an IT B2B decision maker platform) businesses, towards the digital transformation from fixed desk job (in different global IT media houses) to flexible anytime-anywhere realtime guiding, consulting and coaching (in coffee-shop), and to finally founding the business Lancalot.

Born in Munich 1969, the Master of Philology became an online geek, has spoken and moderated at numerous European web events, written too many blog posts (i.e. digitalstrategie.com and socialmediatoday.com), and spent nights sipping from the fountains of the web.

People say he is a *never-run-dry-innovation-hub*. In his heart he feels like a British “Mad Man”. Wanna try out his brain? Start the conversation!



Dirk Ploss, Co-Founder and designated CMO

Some people say, it’s impossible. Other people say, it is possible. Dirk Ploss… well, he just did and does it. He wrote 14 books on various topics from E-Mail-Marketing over lawyer advertising to Customer Loyalty Management, raises 3 kids, spoke at almost 100 conferences, has a BodyPump Pro Instructor Licence, worked previously as a Creative Director (FCB Hamburg), General Manager (Dicom24) and “Division Manager Brand Management And Communications” (OTTO) and seems nevertheless to live in the world wide web.

You’ll find him on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Amen, Posterous, foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, delicious, Spotify, LinkedIn, Xing and a gazillion other services (to which he probably forgot his passwords). Born in 1970, online since 1985, marketing professional since 1992 – and still excited about the things, people, ideas and chances surrounding us. Which led him to his actual role as Co-Founder of Lancalot.

His motto is quite simple: “There’s either a workaround or a shortcut. No exceptions.”


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