The Lancalot Manifesto.

Lancalot follows the mindset of four founders of brain freedom:

A. We want companies to change their working culture.

B. We believe and challenge the new working space future.

C. We think employees and freelancers profit from free mindsets.

Thus, we have put down our core values of the new working space in fourteen grassroots thesis:

1. Time is Money.
2. If you are a Knowledge Worker, Time is Money you could earn.
3. If you are an Advice Seeker, Time is Money you could save.
4. In an emerging mobile business world, ime will become critical to every business decision of the future.
5. The complexity of business decisions asks for the second opinion as standard practice.
6. Business Decisions are based on Trust, Talk and Tactics.
7. Trust is based on Experience, Transparency and Credibility.
8. Talk is a transfer of Knowledge, Insights and Advice.
9. Tactics follow Strategies combined with Demands of actual Situations.
10. Experts need to change frequently their mindset from Buyer to Supplier, and vice versa.
11. Co-Working and Co-Creating are Drivers for Efficiency, Creativity and Innovation.
11. Neither Knowledge nor Advice need an Office, a Desktop or a Meeting Room.
12. Knowledge Transfer needs a Laptop, Wi-Fi, the Cloud, a Phone and a clever Brain.
13. The ideal Time for a Job to be done is now – regulated by Expert’s availabilities, not Office Hours.
14. Real-time Consulting and Coaching will tremendously speed up Knowledge Transfer and Business Decisions.

We love to discuss these thesis with you and are looking forward to embrace your participation on our way into the next working space generation!

Martin Meyer-Gossner & Dirk Ploss